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BVC Heff Memorial Tournament
F15 Club - Pool A
Court 2
Calera High
1Birmingham Volleyball Club F15-1 Black
2SouthJamm Volleyball F15-3
3Gadsden Volleyball Club F15-2 SOUTH
4Birmingham Volleyball Club F15-2 Pink
5Rocket City Volleyball Club F15-3
5 Team Pool Schedule
18:00a2 - 54
2 1 - 43
3 5 - 31
4 4 - 25
5 3 - 12
6 4 - 51
7 2 - 34
8 5 - 12
9 3 - 45
10 1 - 23

The first match will not start before the scheduled time. After the first match all subsequent matches should start approximately 10 minutes following the completion of the previous match. Specific details regarding pool play formats, warm-ups, playoff formats, lunch breaks, teams advancing to playoffs, and such will be provided by the tournament director at the event.

Please note the four team pools in divisions that have multiple pools will include reseed pool play matches in addition to what is shown above.

For one-day tournaments there will be a coach's meeting approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of pool play and it is very important that all teams be represented. It is also highly recommended that your teams be on-site for the first match of the day because there could be last-minute pool changes due to teams dropping or not showing up. For two day events refer to the host web site for details regarding any check-in or meeting requirements.

While posted schedules will generally be available several days prior to the event, late entries and cancellations can alter your playing location and start time. Therefore it is important that you check the schedule up to the day before the event to ensure that your play schedule has not been changed. There can still be changes the morning of the event if teams drop that morning.

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